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Apps For Secondary Schools

With no more time spent at the school gate, parents can feel out of the loop when their children go to secondary school, especially if they have a non-communicative teenager! With so much going on at secondary schools, RSL School app can really help communication with home – parents can easily access the school calendar on their smartphones, Parents can communicate with teachers.

Students can also get organised by using School app. The app is a one-stop shop for all those need required from school and student. Free push notifications help to keep the school’s costs down, too.

We know that budgets are tighter than ever, but choosing to improve parent communication with a mobile app doesn’t mean you can’t actually save money at the same time. If there’s one thing that’s as hard to find as money in schools and colleges, it’s time. Working smart and efficiently is essential, that’s why we’ve made it clear and easy for school administrators to add and edit content for their school app. And, as it’s web-based, it can be done whenever and wherever you have internet access.

Benefits for Secondary Schools

  • A simple method of communication from school for parents and teacher.
  • Help parents feel fully engaged with their child’s education.
  • Free notification messages replace text packages and Emails and can save your money.
  • Rationalise your communication methods to reduce administration time.
  • Chat feature means you can directly talk with school staff.
  • More secure and more reliable than voicemail, text and email messages or notes left in school bags.
  • Having an app sends out a message that your school is connected up to speed with the latest technology.
  • Make savings by eliminating texts and the distribution of printed material.

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